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  • Tangy Balsamic Vinaigrette (Low Sodium!)

    Tangy and tasty, you won't believe this dressing is low in sodium! I'm almost scared to label this dressing as low sodium because it might scare you away. Have you ever tried a commercial low ...

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    Tangy Balsamic Vinaigrette (Low Sodium!)
  • Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff

    Tender meat, creamy sauce, dreamy noodles, and little effort? This recipe checks all the boxes! I always loved beef stroganoff nights growing up. My mom and grandma made a delicious stovetop ...

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    Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff
  • Healthy & Simple Avocado Toast

    I know, I know, the world is full of avocado toast recipes. There are so many ways to make avocado toast, fancy pants topped with everything imaginable - this is the other one. Pure, simple & ...

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    Healthy & Simple Avocado Toast
  • Best Guacamole Ever

    The BEST guacamole recipe ever - no really. Serious goodness in a very simple form. Top chips, burritos, taco salads, nachos, or a spoon with this guacamole and prepare to become addicted! ...

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    Best Guacamole Ever
  • Healthier Pumpkin Muffin

    Lower in calories, lower in carbohydrate, lower in fat than the traditional pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe and gluten free! So delicious served warm right out of the oven! I was nervous ...

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    Healthier Pumpkin Muffin

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